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Skin Game - Ava Gray I bought this as an ebook from booksonboard after they sent me an email basically telling me to buy it and after reading over the synopsis I did.
This series reminds me of a mixture between Christine Feehan’s GhostWalker series and Anne Stuarts Ice series.
I really enjoyed the fast pace of the story and the relationship between Kyra and Reyes and how their relationship unfolds.
Kyra is a con woman on the run from her latest con on a Casino owner in Las Vagas, think mobster type casino owner out for revenge after he falls for Kyra and she runs off with his money. He sends Reyes, with false information after Kyra to get his money back and make her pay. But of course it never works that way. Reyes is smart, sexy and very interested in Kyra who is of course wary of how this guy has turned up in her life. This story has quite a few twists and turns and takes us on a road trip through Las Vegas, Texas, New Mexico, and South Dakota.
I really enjoyed the way Kyra’s best friend Mia Sauter was introduced through the story and ends up in the middle with the bad guys.
I particularly enjoyed the relationship and chemistry between Mia Sauter and Addison Foster. And I’m really excited about the second one coming out in October with Mia Sauter and Addison Foster who were introduced in this story.