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Murder Game  - Christine Feehan Kaden Montague has been asked to find out which two GhostWalker teams are playing a dangerous Murder Game and to do so he needs elite serial tracker Tansy Meadows help to prove his men are innocent and find the ones who are guilty. But when Kaden meets Tansy he’s in for a shock because she’s a GhostWalker too and he’s been chemically matched to her. Now its more than just a Murder Game.

The GhostWalkers are a team of specially trained men who have been altered psychically and genetically by Dr Whitney to become better soldiers for there country. Only Dr Whitney isn’t all what he seems. He first experimented psychically on a group of orphaned children he collected and then sent them out into the world without the protective barriers in there brains they needed to help them live in the real world. Whitney also chemically paired the men with the girls so they could create the ultimate solider.

Tansy is one of those orphaned children she doesn’t remember much of her early childhood she knows she’s different and can’t touch objects of violence because they have a taint on them and she can feel there emotions. She’s been tracking serial killers since she was 13 years old and if she continues her brain will fragment and she’ll go mad with the voices in her head. But Kaden needs her help and will do anything to get her to agree until he realises what Tansy suffers. But by then its too late and Tansy is hooked to the case and can’t rest until the murderers are caught.

First I’d like to apologise for taking so long to read this book, although it’s my fourth reading of this book I still couldn’t rush through it and although I’d like that to be my excuse for taking so long to write this review I can’t. I’ve been really ill for the past week and had to read this in three days which is now my longest record to read a book in. Normally I can do it in one sitting so it’s been really strange of me to pick this up and put it down again several times.

I first read Murder Game back in January 2009 and I enjoyed this book so much I’ve read it 3 more times since. Kaden is first mentioned in the very first book Shadow Game and he pops in and out through the series and I couldn’t wait to get this book!

This is my favourite book, actually its toss up between this and Conspiracy Game which is book #4. Murder Game is amazingly well written and I found the storyline really gripping and never tired of reading it. Tansy is my favourite heroine, possibly ever! She’s strong and doesn’t bend to Kaden unless it really matters to him. She’ll stand up to him and fight for what she wants when it really matters to her. She still fights even when she feels like she’s losing her sanity to all the murderers voices in her head but Kaden would give his life to protect her, she thaws the ice in his veins and turns him to fire.

The only thing I didn’t like about Murder Game was the beginning of the story and the way Kaden tries to manipulate Tansy into leaving with him, when she’s refused and told him she can’t do what he wants her to. It’s the way Kaden doesn’t know what to do about his mixed feelings and seems to use them against Tansy. I would include a quote but its a really long one and this review is already really long so I’ll leave it and just say that it’s a great, fabulous read! Read it!