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Under Her Skin - Susan Mallery Normally I’m quite good when reading a series but I couldn’t get my hands on the first two books so I read the third book first, Straight from the Hip back in March then read the fourth book Hot On Her Heels afterwards and I finally managed to get hold of the first and second book a while ago but just wasn’t in the mood to read them, until now. So I really haven’t read this series in order and would recommend to anyone interested in reading this series to do so.

I didn’t like this book but nor did I dislike it either. I personally love Susan Mallery and will always pick up one of her books even if I’ve read one or two in a row that I didn’t particularly like because Ms Mallery writes such good stories that always have a happy ending and well I’m a sucker for a happy ending.

I liked Lexi and the relationship with her other two sisters Skye and Izzy and how they realised that they needed each other more than they needed their manipulative Father as he was never there for them anyway. I thought Lexi was a great character, she always seemed to try to be upbeat, and she was determined to fight for her business that she worked so hard to make successful. I particularly like how Lexi tried to work with Cruz’s teenage daughter and how see managed to get the girl to bond with Lexi, her sister’s and Dana.

I didn’t however, like Cruz. I think that’s maybe why I feel so unsure about Under Her Skin because although I liked and enjoyed the female lead I didn’t like or even think much of the male lead, Cruz. Yes, I can see the point Ms Mallery was trying to make that Cruz had, had a terrible childhood with an abusive father and he’d managed to work his way up the career ladder and make it to the top but then it all seemed to go to his head! He had to be in the right circle of people which all that really meant was rich people, which just made Cruz come across as shallow and really rather sad. He even wanted Lexi to introduce him to the right woman so he could get married to a woman from the right circle and he wanted Lexi to do it while he was sleeping with her!

I liked this book and I’m glad I read it as it filled in some gaps for me as this was the first book in the series but in my way of reading the series it was the third.