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Lip Service - Susan Mallery I have similar feelings to Lip Service as I did to Under Her Skin only sadly this time the sister relationship between Izzy and Skye was rather painful as they fell out over a man who was playing them off against each other due to their Father Jed and also due to Garth there other brother that they never knew about and who has been causing trouble for the Titan family.

Again I didn’t like Mitch but could understand the point of view he was coming across from. Skye and Mitch dated for a while and although it was serious and they both agreed to get married as soon as Skye’s father dictated that Skye should marry one of his business friends Skye did as her father asked and left Mitch which led him to join the Navy and lose his leg so in the end Mitch blames Skye for everything that has gone wrong in his life.

Mitch comes back to Titanville bitter and miserable and half the man he was before he left. Because he lost his leg while fighting in the Navy. He causes Skye and her daughter a lot of hurt and problems before he gets his act together and by then it’s nearly too late as he’s gotten involved with Garth and Jed has another man for Skye to marry.

The only plus point in this book is that Skye manages to learn to stand up for her self and refuses to do as her Father wants her to even though he threatens to blackmail Skye by taking her daughter, Erin away from her.