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Colters' Lady - Maya Banks Police officer Seth Colter got shot during duty and is on leave, during his leave he helps out at a soup kitchen. While Seth is serving he see’s Lily and he’s horrified over the idea of her being on the streets cold and alone. More baffling is the dark, possessive instinct that tells him she belongs to him. For Lily, home means a secluded nook in an alley until Seth offers her a place to stay. Seth is convinced Lily is the one. The problem is, when his brothers lay eyes on her, the same primitive instinct comes roaring to the surface. The Colters never imagined they’d follow the unconventional path of their fathers, but they can’t ignore their mutual need to offer Lily their protection and their love. But before Lily and the brothers can forge a future together, they must heal the deep wounds of her past.

This is the second book in the Colters’ Legacy, I would suggest you read the first book Colters' Woman as it would help you understand the background of the Colter family.

Colters’ Lady takes place roughly after 30 years of marriage between the first Colter brothers, Adam, Ethan and Ryan to Holly. They had three sons, police officer Seth, veterinarian Michael and pub owner/entrepreneur Dillon, and a daughter Callie who’s running from someone or something that will be revealed in 2011 in Colters' Daughter.

I’d like to point out that I didn’t see Lily as much of a Lady and more of the role of a lost and alone bird that needed looking after and healing but the brothers weren’t planning on letting her go once she was healed. My main problem with the storyline was the Colter brothers seemed so easy to trust Lily and not nag her or hassle her about the reason she was homeless and living on the streets.

When I found out why Lily was on the streets I did feel sorry for her and her former situation and in a way was glad she’d found the Colter brother’s as they had healed her and made her stronger to come with her ghosts from the past.

This is the sort of book where you have to suspend your normal ideas and views on relationships and typical romance novels and just remember it is a good romance read with a bit extra because they are several times when you go ‘but that’s not…’ and ‘why didn’t he…’ and ‘how did…’ so it does really help to read Colters' Woman which I think is a better read than Colters’ Lady.

I do however, always enjoy reading a Maya Banks book.