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Virgin River - Robyn Carr First I’m sorry this review is short and sucks but I loved this book and really enjoyed reading it but now I’ve sat down to write the review I feel stuck for words on just how good this book was.

I found Virgin River a bit slow to start with but I found hanging in there really paid off as the story was really lovely. I thought Mel was a total champ. She’d been through hell and back and knew she had to change her life if she wanted to continue living after the death of her husband.

It took me a really long time to start liking Jack, he wasn’t a bad guy but he just didn’t appeal to me. Maybe it was the way he seemed to be a bit of a player, even though he wasn’t. But I did eventually warm up to him.

I really loved the banter between Doc and Mel and it continued through the story. It made for great light entertainment in places.