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Temptation Ridge - Robyn Carr Just pointing out I couldn't get a copy of book #5 Second Chance Pass in the series so I weighed my options and decided to continue on with the series without reading it.

This is my least favourite book in the series and I really had to force my way through the story. I didn't like Luke all that much when he was with Shelby, I disliked the way he kept holding back, knowing Shelby had plans for her future and never thought he should be included in them. I liked Shelby I thought she was a well written and rounded character and her only flaw was falling in love with Luke when she knew he wasn't into relationships and getting herself hurt.

It was really lovely to see how Luke, coped and responded with looking after Art after he finds him in one of the cabins and how they bond and how Luke and his family treated him.

Overall this is a another great story by Robyn Carr but the storyline just wasn't to my personal taste and am really looking forward to the night book in the series.