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Black Hills - Nora Roberts This is Nora Roberts 2009 Romantic Suspense, I first read it in 2009 and enjoyed it just as much now as I did then. The beginning of Black Hills, the first 92 pages is the background on Lil and Coop, about how they met as children and how they grew from friends to lovers and then broke up. I found it really sweet and compelling as well as sad at the end of their relationship.

I really loved Lil I thought she was a great heroine and she was so motivated right from the start of Black Hills about what she wanted from her life and what she wanted to achieve. She really wanted to build her refuge and she did. Lil never got over Coop and no-one else ever seemed to measure up although she tried. So when Lil found out Coop was back she knew she had to try and keep the friendship between them that they had when they were younger. Coop, also had never gotten over Lil but he had to prove his self worth to himself before he could be happy but he never seemed to have been happy. He always missed Lil. So when Coop learns that Lil is single and isn't involved with anyone he decides they have some unfinished business to settle.

I didn't like Coop as much, I thought he was a bit too arrogant when he thought he could get Lil back into bed again after everything he'd done to her. Although he was a sweetheart in trying to protect Lil from the murderer and prove that he loved her and would never leaver her again.

I think he should have had to grovel because all he did was buy her flowers, make her diner and seduce her.

Favourite Quote: "The penis is here to stay, so those of us without them must learn to appreciate, exploit, ignore and/or utilize them, depending on our own needs and goals." Lil Chance.

I really enjoyed the secondary romance, and wish it could have had a bigger part in the story as I thought it was interesting and sweet.

As always Ms. Roberts provides an interesting insight to the murderer and shows the madness lurking within this character quite well

If you liked Angels Fall, Northern Lights or Blue Smoke then you're going to love Black Hills. If you haven't tried any Nora Roberts this is a great place to start.