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Passion Untamed - Pamela Palmer I was really liking the Feral Warriors series until Passion Untamed and now I'm not so sure I'm enjoying the series as much!

Though the Mage witch Skye has a gentle heart, demonic forces have enslaved her, forcing her to kidnap Paenther, a powerful and dangerous Feral Warrior. Even chained and naked, Paenther is a cunning prisoner who seduces her, body and soul, turning captive into captor.
Paenther's pride demands revenge against the enchantress who emerged from the deep woods like a sensual vision and enthralled him, even as she makes his body burn with passion. Despite his fury over her treachery, Skye's gentle beauty calls to his soul, calming the wild chaos within him, and stealing his heart. But when evil threatens, Paenther and Skye's only chance at survival is to trust in one another and the power of love.

Paenther has been tortured and raped by Mages in his past, several hundred years ago, and he still holds that anger and hatred of Mages. Skye has hidden her Mage eyes and manages to seduced Paenther and use sex and capture him and turn him over to her evil master Birk who forces Skye to rape Paenther so he can use the power from them having sex to create evil creatures from the sword that Vhyper has stolen from the Feral Warriors.

After a while Skye regrets her desision to seduce Paenther and use him so she helps him escape but Paenther knocks her out and kidnaps her. Paenther takes Skye back to Feral House and finds out about Skye's awful past, how Birk took her from her home when she was 8 years old and was raped until she would use her gifts of calling animals to use them for dark magic and how she is punished when she doesn't do as Birk wishes.

Sat in a cell in the basement of Feral house the first night Skye is kidnapped she is cut all over he body by an invisable knife until it ends and she doesn't make a sound through the whole thing.

Eventually Paenther realises Skye isn't an evil Mage but a good one and goes against the other Feral Warriors and helps Skye tap into her enhantress magic to help destroy Birk and his evil ways.

Passion Untamed is a pretty rough read in the sense that so much nasty stuff happens to the hero and the heroine and how Paenther eventually over comes his trust issues with Skye and falls in love with her.

What I liked about Passion Untamed is that Vhyper is eventually saved, as Paenther spends the marjority of the book claiming he will save Vhyper like Vhyper saved Paenther all those years ago when they were both captured by the evil Mage. And you find out who the real bad guy is in Feral House.