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Almost Perfect (Fool's Gold, Book 2) - Susan Mallery I really didn't like Almost Perfect and don't see myself continuing with the Fool's Gold series.

In High School, Liz Sutton fell in love with Ethan Hendrix until she caught him bad mouthing her to his friends. Devastated and pregnant, Liz tried to talk to Ethan only to find him in someone elses bed. So Liz left Fool’s Gold forever, she thought. But now she's back to take care of her brother's children and deal with the man who doesn't know she had his son.

Ethan spends 3/4 of Almost Perfect angry and mad at Liz and out for revenge for not informing him she had his son. Although even early on it comes to light that Liz had told Ethan's wife who had then decided not to tell Ethan yet he still puts all the blame on Liz.

I really didn't like Ethan at all, he was a total jerk. Selfish, rude and arrogant for most of the book towards Liz and trying to turn her son against her. Even when he was trying to get together with Liz he didn't change much and when he thought he might lose Liz or his son he goes to court to stop her from leaving Fool's Gold.

I know Liz was at fault for not trying hard enough to tell Ethan himself that he had a son but everytime she tried she was put in an awkward situation.

I felt that Almost Perfect went round in circles at times, with Liz being mad about what Ethan did to her in there youth and Ethan being mad at Liz for not telling him about his son.

Eventually (only a handful pages before the end of the book) Ethan realises the errors of his ways and tries to make amends for the wrongs he's done to Liz when she was younger and how he's behaved since her return and how the town has treated her since the news of their son got out.

If you like an angst book, with a really short happily ever after, then this is the book for you!