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Warrior Ascended (The Sons of the Zodiac) - Addison Fox Another book in the 3 for 2 offer I bought. An interesting new series by a new author that really caught my attention.

Charming, proud, and impulsive, Leo Warrior Brody Talbot is fighting what may be his final battle. Enyo, the Goddess of War, plans to fulfill an ancient prophecy to destroy humanity by harnessing the dark power of the Summoning Stones of Egypt. There's only one person who knows enough about the stones to help Brody stop her beautiful museum curator Ava Harrison. Never in all his centuries has Brody met a woman who enthralls him like Ava. But, bound to protect her, he struggles to deny his passion as they are drawn into a dark and dangerous final reckoning between good and evil.

I thought Warrior Ascended was a great first book in the Sons of the Zodiac series. I really loved the overall storyline about the Greek gods and the story between Zeus and Themis really made a great beginning.

I felt that the story lacked a bit in places due to it being a new series and maybe not having all the kinks worked out yet.

Ava was a really sweet, lovely and very unlikely heroine. Brody however got to be a little bit annoying at times but I think that was meant to be past of his character in relation to having common characteristics with a lion. Ava can see the past when she gets near the Summoning Stones, there are 6 in total and each one represents something different, love, fear etc. She's had a tedious relationship with the stones since she was a child and her Father brought one of the stones home to show her. Ava is the only one who can control the power of the stones when they're all joined together.

You're only introduced to a few other Sons of the Zodiac in this book, Kane who has a small part in Warrior Ascended is the sign of the Scorpion and is the main character in the second book Warrior Avenged out in September. I hope to see more of the Sons of the Zodiac in the second book.