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Shadows at Midnight - Elizabeth  Jennings Claire Day's promising career as a Defense Intelligence Agency analyst comes to a shattering end in the bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Laka, West Africa. For more than a year, Claire has been rebuilding her life and her confidence when she suddenly remembers the man who tried to protect her, and who might hold the key to the mysteries haunting her nightmares. Former Marine Gunnery Sergeant Daniel Weston believed Claire was dead. But the woman he grieved for has just come back into his life seeking to reconnect with her past, unaware of the feelings he has for her. Determined not to fail Claire again, Dan vows to help her heal. Together, they begin to unlock Claire's lost memories only to uncover a conspiracy that puts them and any future they might have together in deadly danger.

Shadows at Midnight wasn't as good as I was expecting. The overall story was still pretty amazing but I found that there was more background and description than I was expecting. This is why I only give Shadows at Midnight 3 stars. I was hoping for more Dan and Claire time, there was quite a bit of it but not as much as I would have personally liked.

Shadows at Midnight read more like a first novel at times. I found it too descriptive in places and not so much in others. I thought the first few chapters weren't the best at setting up a beginning for the story with the relationship that was going to come from Dan and Claire but when the story got going I really fell in love with the characters and the overall storyline.

Shadows at Midnight is a great romantic suspense that I enjoyed thoroughly but wished there had been more to it and that it was so clear who the bad guy was.