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Warrior - Cheryl Brooks After enjoying the first book in the series I was really looking forward to reading Warrior but it wasn't as good as Slave the first book.

Tisana is an alien/human hybrid living on the planet Utopia, an Earth colony founded by those looking to get back to a simpler, non-mechanized way of life more in harmony with nature. The witches of Utopia are only female, rarely marry, and will only bear one daughter with a special male referred to as "the one." Leo, one of a band of Zetithian warriors captured when his planet was destroyed, and sold into slavery throughout the galaxy, has been beaten nearly to death by his former master, and is brought by his new owner to Tisana to heal him. Tisana cares for Leo, who finally stops trying to escape and accepts her ministrations, which begin to include mesmerizing lovemaking, until the two are drawn into a rescue mission by Leo's new owner, whose sons have been kidnapped by a neighboring village lord. Pursuing the boys through snowstorms and sword fights, Tisana must locate them by communicating with the animal population, and she must find a way to win her new lover/beloved from the jealous man who would do anything to thwart her if he knew that Leo was her destined "one".

Warrior is a sci-fi romance meets erotica romance and is brilliantly written by Cheryl Brooks. The background to the story is about a breed of warriors who are a mix between cats and humans and their planet has been blown up and any survivors are hunted down and killed and no-one really knows why. The Cat Star Chronicles is all about the few warrior survivors of the war who fought together and were all sold into slavery and how they've survived since, found their mates and are trying to find each other again.

Warrior was a little bit of a let down in my eyes. I really loved Tisana, I enjoyed reading her conversations that she had with the animals on her journey to save her ex-lovers son's as it was light relief from the heavy storyline and I found the conversations rather funny too. Leo wasn't overly talkative in Warrior and I couldn't quite get how Tisana and Leo were going to have an actual relationship when all they did was have sex! But clearly that worked out a-okay for them as they got their happily ever after.

It was great to see Jack and Cat appear again at the end of Warrior and to see Jack and Tisana form a bond of friendship together. Interested in seeing how they will all travel together.