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In Other Worlds - Sherrilyn Kenyon I thought this was a great book to get myself out of my reading rut and it worked a treat!

Sherrilyn Kenyon's In Other Worlds contains two previously released books Dragonswan (part of the Dark-Hunter series) and Fire and Ice (part of The League series) along with a new story Knightly Dreams.

I have read Dragonswan before back in 2008 when I first got into the Dark-Hunter series. And I thought it was just ok but after re-reading it I much enjoyed it the second time around and thought it was a great book but just a bit too short. I remember when I read it the first time round Channon annoyed me but this time I didn't think she was quite as annoying which is possibly why I enjoyed it more.
I give Dragonswan a full 5 stars!

Fire and Ice was an amazing story and was so much more than I thought it would be for such a short story! I really loved Adron (who was briefly mentioned in Born of Night) I loved how much of an arse he was but for good reason and I adored Livia! She was awesome and really made the story for me. An awesome 5 stars!

Knightly Dreams was by far my least favourite story in the book. It started quite well and I was really interested in the storyline but after a while it just got quite silly and I guess I like it for the fun factor but it really wasn't something I would have read otherwise. And it's not that the character Sparhawk bothered me, it was the ending of the story that just got a bit ridiculous for me and but a damper on what was a really good story. So I only give Knightly Dreams 4 stars.

Overall I loved all three books but Fire and Ice was by far my favourite book, I just wish it was a longer story!