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Demon From the Dark - Kresley Cole Demon Malkom Slaine, poisoned with vampire blood, is now an outcast from his community. Tormented by his terrible past and racked by unnatural vampiric hunger, his despair is all-consuming. When he is given task of guarding y pushed to the brink by the green-eyed beauty under his guard.Young witch Carrow Graie, Malkom's self-control is pushed to the limit as he lings to his last shred of humanity. On the surface Carrow seems to be a shallow party girl. But beneath the bright facade lies a grief-filled past. Life seems empty, until she meets Malkom. Although she knows how dangerous he is, Carrow cannot resist the impulse to be near him. When the two are trapped together, Malkom must unleash both the demon and vampire inside him in order to survive and save Carrow. But when Malkom becomes the nightmare he has always feared, will he be able to protect his soulmate, even from himself?

Wow! Demon from the Dark really blew me away. It was amazingly good and I'm so excited for the next book in this series next year.
I instantly fell in love with Malkom, right from the first chapter. He's such a great tortured warrior, always being betrayed by the people he loves and needs. Including Carrow, who Malkom realises as she drops into his world that she's his mate.

Demon from the Dark takes you on an amazing journey like some of the previous Immortals After Dark books but Demon from the Dark is just that bit more dark and gripping. I really was hooked from page to page, and the story only got better and better.

What I didn't like about Demon from the Dark, all the freaking sex at the start of the book where Carrow and Malkom couldn't even communicate with each other! Seriously, it really annoyed me. But that's all. Loved everything else!

Oh and I loved Ruby! Carrow is her 'Aunt' and when Ruby's mother is killed in the compound Carrow takes responsibility for her and will be her parent. It's great to see a more responsible side to Carrow because of Ruby. I hope Ruby appears in another book. She was such a sweetheart and so cute I wanted to keep her!

One of my favourite parts of the book is where Malkom, Carrow and Ruby are in a little shack hiding out deciding what to do and I'm really not sure why but I just really, really loved it!

Also, I know the next book is Regins book but man I really want to know what happens to Lanthe and her evil angel Thronos! I hope there's some mention of them in Regins book or that they get there own book!

I really loved Demon from the Dark it was a brilliant book from Kresley Cole and I can't wait for more in this series!