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Crazed Hearts (Grimm's Circle, #3) - Shiloh Walker I bought this book because I follow Shiloh Walker on twitter and she was tweeting excepts and I really liked what I'd been reading but I didn't like the sound of the two books before this one so I started with Crazed Hearts.

Ren has always danced along the fine line between being a little bit crazy and being overcome by a darkness that’s haunted him since his mortal days. As an empath, he prefers to live far from people who would leak their emotions all over him, so he’s not expecting the woman who drives right into the heart of his wood. She has a cursed book with her and demons hot on her heels. Even more surprising are her abilities and the reaction Ren has to her. Aileas is on the run. She just isn’t certain if she’s running from something real or imagined. One thing is for sure, her brother is dead and she’s certain the book she found has something to do with his death. She really starts to doubt her sanity when she meets a hot but somewhat crazed man in the middle of nowhere. He calls himself Ren, and although he doesn’t seem to be out to hurt her, he definitely seems to want something. She just doesn’t understand what. She does know what she wants though. She wants him, and the shadows and darkness she glimpses inside him don’t matter. At least, right up until he claims to be a guardian angel. And she thought she was going crazy.

I really liked Crazed Hearts, although I haven't read the previous two books Candy Houses and No Prince Charming, I didn't feel lost following the storyline of Crazed Hearts. I think this is mainly because of Ms Walker's writing doesn't make you feel as though you've missed something without reading the previous books. Which made the book that much more enjoyable for me.

I really loved Ren, I thought he was a great character and I quite enjoyed Aileas too! I really liked their story and really enjoyed the twist at the end it made it a really great HEA!

I got really intrigued about another two characters mentioned at the start of the book Mandy and Will and really hope they get their own story at some point.
Near the end of the book Greta and Rip (Candy Houses), Elle and Michael (No Prince Charming) and some others turned up to help Ren and Aileas out which I liked and made me really interested in buying and reading Candy Houses!

I really wished Crazed Hearts was a much longer book and had a bit more action and romance to it than it already had, but other than that I really liked it and would recommend it!