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Glory in Death  - J.D. Robb It is 2058, New York City. In a world where technology can reveal the darkest of secrets, there's only one place to hide a crime of passion in the heart.
Even in 2058, when genetic testing usually weeds out any violent hereditary traits before they can bloom, murder still happens. The first victim is found lying on a sidewalk in the rain. The second is murdered in her own apartment building. Lieutenant Eve Dallas has no problem finding connections between the two crimes. Both victims were beautiful and highly successful women. Their glamorous lives and loves were the talk of the city. And their intimate relations with men of great power and wealth provide Eve with a long list of suspects including her own lover, Roarke. As a woman, Eve is compelled to trust the man who shares her bed. But as a copy, it's job to follow every lead to investigate every scandalous rumour to explore every secret passion, no matter how dark. Or how dangerous

Glory in Death had more twists and turns than a) I expected and b) than Naked in Death had. So I wasn’t completely prepared for how Glory in Death played out, not only with Eve and Roarke but with the murderer and the general storyline. But oh how I loved it! In Glory in Death we continue to see the same characters that were in Naked in Death with a new addition of Peabody, who I really loved and enjoyed and hope she eventually becomes part of the regular little group. Glory in Death had me more hooked on the murder part of the storyline this time than on the romance between Roarke and Eve, although this could be because of there wasn’t a lot of ‘movement’ in their relationship until the end of the story, where I actually melted quite a bit. Oh Roarke if only you were real, women would be killing each other over you!
I was again blown away by how much I loved and enjoyed the second instalment of the In Death series. I hope each and everyone continues to keep blowing me away as there are quite a few more books in the series.

Favourite Quotes: "A decade as a cop had toughened her, given her a cold, clinical, and often cynical eye toward death and its many causes. It made scenes such as the one she viewed now, on a rainy night on a dark street nasty with litter, almost too usual. But still, she felt."

"If she gave him all, then lost him, would she be in shreds?"

"You follow the steps, and you plan and you work, then fate slips in laughing and makes fools of us. Sometimes we can trick it out or outguess it, but most often it’s already written. For some, it’s written in blood. That doesn’t mean we stop, but it does mean we can’t always comfort ourselves with blame.”
– Roarke to Eve

Overall Glory in Death is another brilliant interesting story that really holds the reader in its grip! I can’t wait to read the next one!