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Anchor - Jorrie Spencer Mala never outgrew her night terrors. At twenty-eight, her nights are a battleground as she defends helpless wolves from attack by their own kind. The effort costs her—one dream often leads to a week of missed work. When her defence of a young wolf is rewarded by the mention of a real town, she finally has the chance to learn if her dreams are just as real. She never expected to meet an honest-to-God alpha werewolf, much less develop an instant, embarrassing crush on him. Angus MacIntyre, de facto alpha of Wolf Town, is determined to see every fugitive wolf employed, educated and well-adjusted to life in the open. The arrival of a young wolf on the run isn’t all that unusual, but the human woman hard on his heels is beyond extraordinary. The dark-eyed beauty possesses a dream-wraith ability that challenges everything he thinks he knows about his world—and stirs his mine instinct in a way he’s never felt before. Yet her gift makes her vulnerable to those who would try to use it to their advantage. But this is his town. His pack. His woman. And Angus will do whatever it takes to protect what’s his.

I read a review for Anchor somewhere else, (I can’t remember where) and although the reviewer wasn’t keen on it, the storyline really appealed to me and I thought I’d give it ago.

Anchor is a shifter paranormal romance but it’s a bit different from what I usually read, which is what appealed to me in the first place. It feels a little like a paranormal romance with a twist of urban fantasy because it’s not totally about the romance between Mala and Angus, there are quite a few other things going on in this short story which I liked.
In some ways Anchor is a predictable read, following the standard storyline which is loved by many but in other ways Anchor is very unusual, as the characters, for one change some of the dynamic of the book. For instance, there’s a gay wolf-shifter and it’s only the second time I’ve come across a gay shifter, which I liked! There’s an interesting background with Angus and his children, and the way his town/pack are made me giggle quite a bit.
Although there are many things I liked about Anchor, one thing I couldn’t get past is how I felt like I was missing something in the storyline with Angus and his pack and the people of his town.

Overall, I liked Anchor and it was an enjoyable different read that made me happy that I decided to