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Virgin Daiquiri - Moira Rogers Caitlin Carlson, the only non-witch in the powerful Dumitrescu line, needs to lose her virginity, and fast. A family legend about a pure soul with prophetic visions has put her first in line for a good, old-fashioned sacrifice, and visiting Last Call seems like the perfect way to head off her one-way trip to the altar. Buy a drink, go upstairs, have sex. Simple. Virgin Daiquiri: Looking for a first lover. Being a demon isn't as easy as it used to be, especially with the dwindling number of corruptible souls in the 21st century. Luckily for Leofric, he's never been particularly concerned with corrupting enough innocents to earn a promotion off of the mortal plane. But when a virgin wanders into Last Call and stirs up competition among the younger demons, Leo finds himself tempted to rethink his stance on mixing a demon's business with a woman's pleasure.

Brilliant, compelling, sexy short read. That I wished was so much longer! Virgin Daiquiri was a fun, intriguing and interesting novella that has me interested in finding out more about the rest of the series.
Caitlin and Leo were great characters and I was sad for their lovely story to end. I really wanted more. Totally hooked on Moira Rogers now more than I was before just because of this wonderful sweet, sexy and steamy read. Caitlin is such a cute, interesting, fun character and Leo is a sexy, dangerous demon. Serious love for Virgin Daiquiri!