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Sanctuary's Price - Moira Rogers After a decade under a corrupt alpha’s thumb, Dylan Gennaro is still reeling from the changes in his life: a new home, a new alpha, a pack at war. Even normal things like an ending relationship. Still, when he’s asked to work with an outcast witch, he agrees without hesitation. Maybe by protecting her, he’ll rediscover his own inner strength. If, indeed, it exists. Sasha Wallace lost her mentor in a vicious attack that left her scarred in spirit as well as body. While she’s grateful for the refuge offered by the Red Rock alpha, it’s tough living with the pack’s suspicion. Even though—or maybe because—she’s willing to use her powers to help them fight their war. Except for Dylan. When she’s finally free to find a new home, he’ll be the only one she regrets leaving behind. Their attraction is a balm to their wounded hearts, until their journey for knowledge brings them face to face with a terrifying vampire. Neither has the strength for this fight—but if they can let go of their pasts and trust each other, they might just be able to do it. Together.

I really enjoyed Sanctuary's Price. I read this out of order so there were a couple of things I didn't get but other than that I think Sanctuary's Price read quite well as a stand-alone book, however I wouldn't suggest reading it out of order.
Sasha and Dylan are two brilliant, lovely, adorable, sweet character's that I truly enjoyed and wanted their book to go on and on. I wished they'd had more time together without other people around but I'm sure that wouldn't really have worked as well but I immensely enjoyed this book and think I'm seriously hooked in Moira Rogers work now I can't wait to read more!