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Honor Bound - Moira Rogers Amaia accepts the right of the Demon Clans to rule the cities of America as they've done for centuries, but she can't understand her own clan's desire to exterminate even the werewolves who have retreated to the forests and into hiding. When her patrol squad catches a young wolf, terrified and alone, Amaia helps the girl escape torture and eventual death at the hands of her clan, even knowing the penalty for such treason is her own death. Orion has two things left in the world: his honor and his sister. When a gorgeous demon crashes into the middle of his pack with his terrified sister in tow and an elite squad of assassins on her heels, honor dictates he protect her. But his pack, weary from war, is more than willing to turn Amaia over in exchange for their own lives, even though demons are known for their willingness to betray. Amaia and Orion's only hope is to combine forces, an unheard of partnership between demon and werewolf made dangerous by their undeniable attraction. Orion may have the warrior skills necessary to defeat assassins, but can he trust his safety--and his heart--to a demon with the power to kill with a kiss?

Honor Bound is a great free read from Moira Rogers that I truly liked. It’s quite different with the idea of werewolves and demons and the set-up feels new and unique which I really liked, it’s one of the reasons why I’m so found of Moira Rogers each story feels fresh and unique, being original and a truly great read whether it’s a free read, a novella or a full length novel. I really liked Orion from Honor Bound I can’t say exactly why but he really appealed to me and I liked his character and how he interacted with Amaia. Amaia was great too, she was interesting but very kick ass and deadly which I really enjoyed.

Overall, I really liked Honor Bound it was a great sexy short read and would highly recommend it partly because it’s a free read and partly because I really enjoy Moira Rogers work.