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Last Minion Standing - Eve Langlais All I said was I needed a minion, the next thing I know, I'm embroiled in a reality show with cameras following me everywhere. I should have told them not to bother, as I was ready to declare a winner—and get naked—the moment I met Drake. Shirtless and shoeless, in low slung jeans, I could think of so many ways he could serve me—especially in bed. But, Drake, the super sexy dragon shifter, is after more than a chance to work alongside me in my battle to capture evil souls, he also wants to win my heart. But love is for weaklings, and no matter how much he tortures me sexually, I will not give in, even when he resorts to restraints and sensual flogging. Mmm, bring it on—harder please.

I won a copy of Last Minion Standing from Julie at Yummy Men and Kick Ass Chicks quite a while ago and although I wasn’t sure it was the type of story I would go for I knew from Julie’s review that I would find this funny and I really did! Sally (the heroine) hunts those who have escaped Hell when she mentions to her friend/roommate that she needs a minion she ends up posting it on Hellbook (alternative version to facebook) that Sally is taking applicants and it ends up as a reality tv show where the applicant’s have to do challenges to win the spot as Sally’s minion, whoever wins becomes Sally’s minion.
However, it’s never that simple and one night when Sally is out tracking down a soul that escaped Hell she is interrupted by Drake who takes over and ends up defeating the soul instead of Sally. Which then ensures Drake trying to get his woman by taking part in the competition to become Sally’s minion but really he wants to be so much more. Last Minion Standing is a lovely, humorous, compelling; warm (it got kind of steamy ok?) read that any paranormal fan should give a go.