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True Colors - Thea Harrison Wow! Just Wow! True Colors was more than I was expecting. After loving Dragon Bound the first in the Elder Races series I found that the other two book’s while enjoyable and good just didn’t work as well for me as Dragon Bound had. However, I had (have) my fingers crossed for Oracle Moon out in March. Little did I know that there was actually a novella due out in December. And I have to say that it brought back the Elder Races series for me. Brought it back to the same level I found Dragon Bound to be. Gideon is a brilliantly written character and I found myself drawn to him by the way Ms Harrison wrote him and how his Wyr half fits him so much! I thought it worked perfectly! I really enjoyed Alice, I thought she made a wonderful heroine and was an interesting match for Gideon. I don’t think on my own I would have thought that these two characters would have worked out well together but the way Ms Harrison writes them and fits them together really works and I fully enjoyed it.
There is however more to the story than just Alice and Gideon realising they are meant for each other and although I found it a little predictable I still really enjoyed it and enjoyed learning more about the Wyr and one of Dragos’ men. I’m really looking forward to reading more in this series!