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Hold Me If You Can - Stephanie Rowe The third in a paranormal romance series packed with danger, sensuality and clever twists features Nigel Aquarian, a warrior with an artistic bent, and Natalie Fleming, a chocolatier who has a new lease on life. But her freedom comes with a dangerous gift she doesn't want. Nigel and his fellow warriors have only just escaped imprisonment when an even worse threat emerges. Natalie is the only woman who can help Nigel—but she's also the one most likely to bring him down.
Hold Me If You Can is the third instalment in Stephanie Rowe’s Soulfire series and features Natalie who was a secondary character in the second book Touch If You Dare, which I really liked because first off you got to know a lot about Natalie and a little about Nigel in that book which set-up Hold Me If You Can perfectly and secondly Hold Me If You Can follows on the same sort of theme, journey as the previous two books which is what I really like about this series, one of other the things I really like about this was the sense of humour Ms Rowe brings to these books through her hero’s. Yet as each book has progressed the humour in each book has been more dialled down, which is understandable as each book touches on different subject matters about the hero’s horrible past but it does lessen the uniqueness of the book for myself because I think that was one of the real winning things when I read the first book Kiss At Your Own Risk how Ms Rowe used humour through her hero’s to bond them and help them get through their past. Nigel as more of an artist wasn’t full of the humour I’ve come to know and immensely enjoy from this series but I think Natalie helped loosen Nigel up a little and brought some of the humour along. From reading Touch If You Dare it was obvious that Natalie and Nigel had something between them yet I wouldn’t have thought of putting those two together if Ms Rowe hadn’t introduced the possibility in the second book, not because they didn’t go well but because the thought never occurred to me.
Hold Me If You Can is another clever and interesting story in the Soulfire series and after reading it am possibly even more addicted in finding out where this series will take us. I’m interested in seeing who will be the hero in the next book and how this series will continue to develop.