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Passions Bite - Chastity Bush Passions Bite is a short paranormal romance that kept me interested from beginning to end. I found the beginning of Passions Bite a little different, in a good way. It opens with a fight scene and I really enjoyed the way it grabbed the attention of the reader and draws you into the story.
The only problem I have with reading short stories is there is normally some sort of background story that the reader has to be aware of to make the short story work, and sometimes it’s rather hit and miss. Happily this one was a hit, the back story is quickly and easily explained and is up front from the start, there’s no dragging it out and trying to keep the reader guessing and wondering.
I really liked Caroline throughout the book I thought she was a great character that wanted to be kick ass to be able to defeat the bad guy and learn how to live as a vampire and Derek was more than happy to help Caroline. I especially like the scene were Derek and Caroline first meet it really made me giggle. Derek was a great character to like quite a contradiction a tough alpha but a gentleman to boot, but at times I felt he was a little overshadowed by Max but I didn’t really mind that, it just adds interest if Max will get his own book etc, etc. Passions Bite is a really quick read that flows well with enjoyable characters and a hot romance.

Overall, Passions Bite was a great kick ass short story that really drew me in.