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Hidden Moon

Hidden Moon  - Lori Handeland Maybe it wasn't the best idea to buy a book right in the middle of a series but it was a werewolf story and I couldn't resist. I also haven't read a Lori Handeland story before so I thought I'd give it ago.

Claire Kennedy left Lake Bluff, Georgia, for the bright lights of Atlanta and a promising career in journalism. Now, recovering from a cruel betrayal, she’s back in the one place she always felt safe, starting over as Lake Bluff’s new mayor. But then trouble comes to town in the form of Malachi Cartwright, a man whose past is as mysterious as his present a man who awakens something dangerous in sensible, realistic Claire. When a tourist claims to have been mauled by a vicious wolf, and when the attacks turn deadly, Malachi’s strange behavior rouses Claire’s suspicions. Could he have a secret agenda and a sinister reason for coming to Lake Bluff? Malachi is the only man who could tempt Claire to succumb to her desires but he’s the last person she can trust. And as an eclipse approaches, the secrets of the hidden moon will come to light, and a deadly enemy will be revealed at last.

I felt a little let down by Hidden Moon I thought it would be much better than it really was. The overall story was really great, including curses, a back story relating to the Nazi's and Hitler but what really let Hidden Moon down was it was written in first person narrative all the way through which started to bug me after a while because I felt you were really left out about the 'hero' you never really knew what he thought or felt, in relation to, well anything unless he mentioned it to the heroine. For this reason I only give Hidden Moon 3 stars.