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IBS For Dummies, UK Edition

Ibs For Dummies - Patricia Macnair This reassuring guide to all aspects of IBS explains how to recognise and manage a wide range of symptoms, and understand the physical and emotional triggers of this frustrating condition. Inside you'll find expert guidance on the latest conventional and alternative treatment methods alongside information on nutrition, diet, and exercise, helping you to tailor your treatment to suit your needs, take your mind off your IBS, and live life to the full. This title helps you to discover how to: understand the triggers and symptoms of IBS; get an accurate diagnosis and the right medical help; incorporate diet and exercise into your treatment plan; benefit from relaxation and stress-management techniques to live and work with IBS.

A couple of years ago I bought Endometriosis For Dummies and really loved it. It helped me so much that when I was diagnosed with IBS I automatically went looking to the For Dummies series and found IBS For Dummies. I've had it for quite a few months now and have spent quite some time flicking through the different Parts and Chapters and feel I can now give it a fair review.

On the first few skim reads I wasn't overly impressed with the book but after spending more time on each Part and the Chapters within the Parts I think it's a great book.

It's helped me understand a little more than I did before I bought IBS For Dummies. Endometriosis has a section on IBS but it's only a small part and when I was officially diagnosed I wanted more information and this book defiantly provides that.

There are 5 main parts to IBS For Dummies:-

1. Just the Facts about IBS
2. Getting Medical Help
3. Healing and Dealing with IBS
4. Living and Working with IBS
5. The Part of Tens

Each part is then split into chapter's that go into further detail about IBS. It really is helpful the way it's all broken down so if you want to read something in particular it's quite easy to find and then read.

One of the best chapters (in my opinion) was The Part of Tens, it discusses 10 IBS triggers to avoid, 10 things to do for your IBS, 10 ways to get help for your IBS. It talks about foods, stress, fibre, exercising, listening to your body and taking charge, joining an IBS group and so much more.

The other chapters are great too but quite a bit of it my Dr already told me and some of it is repeated from the Endometriosis book but it's still helpful and great. It really is a helpful and useful book that I would suggest to anyone!