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Beneath a Rising Moon

Beneath a Rising Moon - Keri Arthur There’s no turning back for Neva Grant. To find a killer, she must seduce the boldest male in the Sinclair pack. Her twin sister lies in a hospital bed, fighting for her life, the fourth and only surviving victim of a vicious attacker. The werewolf rangers suspect the Sinclair pack, and the only way Neva can infiltrate their close-knit ranks is to unleash the wildness within and offer herself to Duncan Sinclair.
Duncan’s appetite for women is legendary on the reservation. But when this new woman stirs his hunger, he finds his desire for her goes deeper than anything he’s ever felt before. When he realizes that she’s playing a game and he’s taken the bait, he is determined to push her to the breaking point. As Duncan and Neva engage in a dangerous dance, they must somehow find a way to join forces—before a cornered killer bites back.

I believe that this is the second release of Beneath the Rising Moon and the first edition was in June 2003.
Neva and Duncan are brilliantly written characters that leap off the page at you and quickly draw you into the storyline. Neva is a really interesting character that I enjoyed throughout the whole book but I wasn't always rooting for Duncan. He wanted the truth from Neva and tested her a lot at the beginning of the book which I didn't overly enjoy, because Neva wanted the person who hurt her sister it didn't matter to her what Duncan did or said she was sticking to him till she found the person she was looking for even as the storyline lead Neva and Duncan towards something more than Neva intended she never held what Duncan had said or done in the beginning to him and asked for an apology. It wasn't until much later that Duncan offered one but I liked Neva's control of the situation or really how Ms Arthur wrote the ending of the book and how I felt it balanced the scales between Neva and Duncan for me. I really enjoyed (most) of the relationship between Duncan and Neva and would highly recommend Beneath the Rising Moon as it shows a very different side or way of life or interpretation of shifters that Ms Arthur had to offer it wasn't all puppies and rainbows, and I really enjoyed that. It was a storyline that I could really enjoy because it had more depth to the storyline than hero meets heroine. Instead it was heroine tries to trick and entice hero and then pump him for all the information he had in a subtle way while the hero has a sneaky plot of his own that you're not really aware about until later on. So much fun! As I said to start with Beneath the Rising Moon quickly draws you in and really is a great read.