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Street Game - Christine Feehan I felt this story was too much for me and I really didn’t enjoy it. It wasn’t just the story line it was the characters as well. As an avid Ghostwalker fan (I’ve read all the previous books in order) I was somewhat surprised that new characters hadn’t been given any background bar one. Kane who is in Ken and Mari’s book Deadly Game (He’s also a secondary character in this book) it also makes me wonder if his book will be next. All the character’s were brand new and shiny and as there was background between Mack’s team, Mack and Jaimie and we missed it all. It wasn’t like the previous two teams where they over crossed and you found out about all of them. It was a brand new set of people and I thought there would have been more background.
I disliked Mack I thought he was too alpha and too detached to be a good alpha character with his relationship with Jaimie.