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Conspiracy Game - Christine Feehan 1/5/09
This is my all time favourite Ghostwalker book. I read this book so often, it’s a bit sad. But it really is one of my all time favourite books! I just love the story between Jack and Briony and their relationship. It’s so well written and thought out. It flows along with the rest of the series and can work as a standalone story.
Jack is part of the Ghostwalker team who has been genetically enhanced to be a better solider he’s gone into the Congo jungle to save his twin brother Ken who has been captured and tortured. But in saving Ken, Jack himself is captured and tortured. He manages to escape and runs into the path of Briony who he tries to protect from the rebels after him but mostly from himself. I enjoyed the way the story unfolded and how Whitney had been trying to get Jack and Briony together for quite some time.