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Wild Fire - Christine Feehan This is the fourth book in the leopard people series.

This review contains spoilers!

Within the series, I didn’t feel this book lived up to the strength of the other books. But, as a standalone it was a great read and I would recommend it, to any fans of Christine Feehan or shape shifter fans.
Conner Vega on his last assignment found and betrayed his mate Isabeau Chandler, getting her father killed. After spending a year in America with Drake, he’s come back to the Panama rainforest hoping to live with the scars of the way he betrayed his mate.
Only he can’t run forever, Isabeau needs Conner’s help to stop the new drug lord Imelda Cortez from killing the children from the village, that have already been taken by two rogue leopards working for Cortez.
Isabeau knows how low Conner will go to get the job done, but she can’t help the feelings she has for him. Conner will show Isabeau everything she needs to know about being a leopard shifter to try and win her trust back and show her it wasn’t just an assignment but real.
Conner’s team consists of Rio and Elijah (both from Wild Rain) and the Santos brothers: Felipe and Leonard.
Conner receives word from his father that his mother has been killed by the two rogues that work for Cortez and that Conner’s half brother Mateo, which he knew nothing about, has been taken.
So Conner has to save his brother, win over his mate and kill the rogues that murdered his mother.

Favourite Quote: Rio to Conner “ I activated our ‘come and get us, we’re fucked’ button.”

The imagery of the jungle as always was beautifully written if a bit overplayed and repetitive in sections; it still managed to bring the jungle to life in my mind with creepy crawlies and all. I enjoyed the way the new character Jeremiah was brought into the story and how he became part of the team, it also lightened some of the book with the humour.
I thoroughly liked the way Drake was mentioned throughout the book and how we got updates on his progress. I’m wondering if the next book will be about Elijah or Drake! I’m hoping for Elijah and that it will shed some more light on his ‘dark past’.