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Savour the Moment  - Nora Roberts Mackenzie, Parker, Laurel and Emmaline have been friends since childhood and have formed a successful wedding planning business together called Vows. Although they help thousands of couples organise their biggest day, all have been unlucky in love. Until now

Laurel’s been in love with Del all her life but he just sees’s her as another one of the girls. Until Del pushes Laurel’s buttons too far and she kisses him.
Let the games begin...
When I first read the blurb for this story I thought it sounded a bit dull. But, really it’s not. In true Nora Roberts Style she gives us a lovely heart warming story of two people who have been friends all their lives, and fall deeply in love.
This story is about Laurel and Del finding their way from friends to lovers to a happy ever after.
This is not a story for people who like a good angst romance because this is a real love story. Laurel is a bit self conscious of herself when compared to Del, he came from money and loving parents, where she came from a broken home without her family supporting her. She put herself through college to live her dream of being a professional baker and loves what she does at Vows.

Favourite Quote: Del’s note to Laurel “You might think this is over, but you’d be wrong. I’ve taken you shoes hostage. Contact me within forty-eight hours, or the Pradas get it.”