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Lair of the Lion - Christine Feehan Isabella Vernaducci is a desperate young woman, her brother has been committed of treason and been captured by the evil Don Rivellio the only thing Isabella can do it seek help from Don Nicolai DeMarco. She’ll do anything if he’ll just rescue her from from Don Rivellio hands. Although Isabella's brother used to tell her about the curse of Don Nicolai DeMarco’s family she never really believed the legend of the lions until she saw them and felt the malevolent spirit that stalks The DeMarco’s castle.
Don Nicolai DeMarco will help free Isabella’s brother as long as she agrees to marry him. As long as Nicolai doesn’t fall in love with Isabella, he believes that she is free from the family curse and that he won’t kill her. Yet Nicolai can’t help but fall in love with Isabella’s strength and lightness.
But the curse isn’t the only thing hanging over Isabella, trouble seems to be following her everywhere she goes within the castle. So who else would benefit from Isabella’s death?

This is a wonderful retelling of the timeless classic Beauty and the Beast.

I first read this back in 2008 when I started reading Christine Feehans Dark Series and really enjoyed it. Sadly the copy I had was falling to pieces and I finally managed to get myself another copy.

Nicolai makes a wonderful tortured alpha male. Living under a family curse for generations, surrounded by lions and evil intent. And Isabella is the one who can sense the malevolent spirit and the harm it keeps causing to the Don’s people and she just keeps trying to save them. I loved Isabella in this so much. She really shines throughout the whole story she’s a strong heroine not matter what happens to her throughout she never lets it get her down for very long and I really liked that in this book.
The secondary characters were well-drawn and added significantly to the story. Ms. Feehan kept me guessing who was behind the sabotage that was occurring. I didn't guess the right people, and it kept me entertained on who the ‘bad guy’ was at the end of the book.

The one thing I didn’t like was I think too much time was built on going into the mystery and the dark forces out to get the heroine instead of more build up or action between the hero, the heroine and the people within the castle.