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Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual: For Everyone from Beginner to Pro - Bobbi Brown, Debra Bergsma Otte, Sally Wadyka 4.5 stars!!
Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual contains Bobbi Brown’s 25-plus years of being a makeup artist. It has over two hundred full colour photographs and step by step instructions including a ten step guide to perfect makeup that shows you how to apply your makeup within ten minutes.

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual has everything a girl could ever want to know about makeup. It’s not just makeup she talks about though, she has chapter’s dedicated to brushes and other tools of the trade and skincare basics. There’s correctors and concealers, choosing the right shades and colours of makeup, bronzers and self-tanners, eye makeup, special occasion makeup and so much more.

Even at the age of 24 I’m still pretty new to makeup and I have to admit this year was the first time I bought a bottle of foundation! Shock, horror! I’ve been looking for a book like this for quite a while and had stumbled over a few other Bobbi Brown ones but none of them had amazing write-ups like this one did. It really is geared toward beginner’s who are new to makeup. Even if you aren’t a newbie but need some extra tips on how to applying concealer etc, this is a great book. It really takes you step by step.

I have only skimmed through it but have already picked up lots of tips. I especially liked the detailed description of tools and brushes and how to treat them. This is a really good manual showing how to go about keeping up to date with make-up for all ages. It is packed with brilliant pictures and tells you also about what to eat to keep your skin looking lovely. It helps everyone from the beginner to those who've been about a long time.

I had originally thought that it was going to geared towards Bobbi Brown products but it really hasn’t been at all.

This would be a fabulous gift for anyone new to make up or anybody who would just like a good reference guide for the basics.