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Scent of Darkness - Christina Dodd Ann Smith has always been in love with her boss Jasha Wilder so when she needs his signature on an important document she plans to go to his home and seduce him only to find out he can actually turn into a wolf.
Scent of Darkness follows the story of the Wilder family, primarily Jasha Wilder and his executive assistant Ann Smith and their search for an icon that will break a pact that was made with the devil over a 1000 years ago.

This is the first Christina Dodd book I’ve ever read and although I didn’t give this book a great rating I’m really looking forward to reading the rest of this series and seeing how everything unravels and the ending. I’m really looking forward to the third book Into The Shadow with the missing third brother who’s gone dark and twisted!

My only problem with this book and it’s not really a problem but a personal preference really is that I don’t really like books where the heroine is a shy type and she goes and changes her self/image to seduce her secret love, that’s not so secret which really was what this story was about.

I loved the darkness in this book, it really brought the story back for me. Jasha was a really great alpha male who was trying not to turn to the dark-side by changing into his wolf and letting his anger over take him! Ann made a pretty good heroine all in all considering I didn’t really like the start of this book, she was struggling with her own secret and thought it would ruin any chances she had of a relationship with Jasha.

And I was really swept away with the first love scene out in the woods that came quite early on in the storyline but felt it fit and didn’t feel out of place so early on, I thought it was well written and really enjoyed all the aspects of the storyline. From the pact with the devil, the family that we’re introduced to and the main couple in this book. I think this is a great book to start a series with and I’m really looking forward to the reading the rest of them!