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Burning Alive - Shannon K. Butcher First in a new paranormal romance series The Sentinel Wars.
They are Sentinels. Three races descended from ancient guardians of mankind, each possessing unique abilities in battle to protect humanity against their eternal foes: the Synestryn.
Helen Day is haunted by visions of herself surrounded by flames, as a dark haired man watches her burn. So when she sees the man of her nightmares staring at her from across a diner, she attempts to run but instead ends up in the man's arms. Drake, is a Theronai warrior, whose own pain is driven away by Helen's touch. After years of bearing this pain Drake is determined to keep Helen.

This is the first book of the series and it’s also the first book I’ve read by Ms Butcher. Even now two days later after I’ve read Burning Alive I still don’t know how I feel about it! It’s a really interesting story overall about the Sentinels and how they’re protecting mankind from the Synestryn, who are monsters/demons that are wolflike, with a wide jaw of a shark, rows of serrated teeth, black holes where eyes should have been surrounded by singed flesh with rust coloured fur all over its body. They want to eat the Sentinels and any human who find out about them, they’re drawn by the smell of blood and are night time creatures.

I really enjoyed seeing how Helen evolved through Burning Alive and how she tried not to let her fear of fire stop her from doing what she needed to do and that in the end she wasn’t ‘damaged’ as Gilda and Logan thought but she was being protected. The chemistry between Helen and Drake was pretty great and I’m looking forward to reading more about their progress in the next two books.
I really didn’t like Gilda, the Gray Lady and I don’t see myself warming to her anytime in the future.
I’m looking forward to reading Lexi and Zach’s story Running Scared which is the third book in the series!

Burning Alive is a really great paranormal romance and I’m really looking forward to reading the rest of the series and seeing how everything turns out.