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Into the Flame - Christina Dodd Douglas Black is the fourth Wilder brother who’s been missing since he was a baby. With no idea of where he’s from he’s become an angry young cop with the ability to transform into a cougar. In search of others like him, he comes across the Varinski’s and realises he’s like them and is determined to find out more about where he’s from. Varinski’s of course, point Douglas to the Wilder’s and he meets Firebird the baby of the Wilder family. Only

So we finally find out who the father of Firebird’s baby is, Douglas Black and what happened when she was at college and why she never wanted to talk about him to her family.

Although I gave Into the Flame only 3 stars it was a brilliant story my only problem with it was so much of the story was dedicated to the fight with the Varinski’s, (which was awesome by the way) and the back story with Firebird and Douglas that there wasn’t much left to give to Firebird and Douglas in the present and how they would sort out there issues and Douglas’ betrayal and whether they would be a family.

I really loved the fight that the Wilder family organised and how even though it was just a small family against over 100 Varinski’s they still managed to give the fight their all and even though they didn’t think they would win they tried to take out as many of the Varinski’s as they could manage. I enjoyed how it linked all the family together and we got to see all the couples again and how they were getting on as couples and as a family. I even enjoyed reading about Jackson, Karen’s father from Into the Shadow and how he was becoming part of the Wilder family.

Overall I did like this series it was everything I could want and expect out of a paranormal romance and I think I’d still read another Christina Dodd book.