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Finding the Lost - Shannon K. Butcher They are Sentinels. Three races descended from ancient guardians of mankind, each possessing unique abilities in battle to protect humanity against their eternal foes: the Synestryn.
Andrea Madison knows all about the Synestryn monsters, they attacked her family over 8 years ago killing her mother and her baby sister and damaging her other sister Nika. Now Andrea devotes herself to finding children stolen by the Synestryn. Andrea is on the track of a little boy who’s been stolen by the Synestryn and comes into contact with Paul one of the Theronai warriors. Paul’s been searching for his own woman for centuries he’s on his last leaf and won’t last much longer. But can he keep hold of his self control when his desire for Andrea is tearing him apart.

By the end of Finding The Lost I was ready to really kick Andrea’s ass and knock some much needed sense into her. I thought she was an amazing heroine at the start of Finding The Lost. She was gutsy and determined to do whatever she needed to protect the innocent children the Synestryn stole. Even though she was scared she still fought hard to kill the Synestryn and take the lost child back to his parents. But then the rest of Finding The Lost was about Andrea trying to care for her ‘ill’ sister Nika who was badly hurt by the Synestryn 8 years ago and trying to resist Paul. She’s so determined not to have anything to do with Paul that he goes out to kill himself because he doesn’t want to live without his soul and Andrea refuses to be with him to save his soul or for any other reason.

By the time Andrea comes to her senses that she loves Paul, wants to be a family with him and doesn’t want to lose him, he’s already gone off to kill himself. And were near the end of the book!

If it wasn’t for the extra character’s in this book, I really would have given it a much lower rating.
I really loved the start of, I’m hoping, something with Madoc and Nika. Especially the end of Finding The Lost where Nika leaves her body and lies next to someone! I’m really hoping it’s Madoc and that she manages to survive and get stronger.
We’re also introduced to Torr and Grace. Torr was injured when he and a few other of the Theronai warriors saved Grace and her brother and he was stabbed in his spine with poison, now he’s paralysed. There seems to be something between the two of them and I’m hoping this will progress into something.
And I still really dislike Gilda.