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Night Rescuer - Cindy Dees John Hollister's last op had gone bad all his men were dead. He'd failed. Now he wanted to die. Certain death awaited Melina Montez, her life in exchange for her family. All John has to do is accept his last mission to deliver Melina to a drug lord in the rain forest then deliver himself to his death. But Melina doesn’t want to die, but will she be able to change John’s mind?

I thought this was a really weird book! When I first read it I didn’t know whether to laugh or not, it starts off a bit strange. With John about to hang himself and Melina going into his store and wanting to get herself packaged off to the Peruvian rain forest.

The store John works for is a front for the HOT squad (Yep that’s what its called!), a special forces unit that John is assigned to after this previous mission ended in his entire team being killed and him being left for dead but somehow managing to survive.

It’s a pretty good book about living life and falling in love and although its well written I still can’t get over the beginning of Night Rescuer. Not because I found it shocking or appalling but because it just didn’t have any real affect on me. I read a great review of it here by the lovely Danielle, which really got me hooked to read it.

I thought the character’s were quite good, sadly I didn’t find them that amazing and I’m doubtful I’ll pick up another Cindy Dees book any time soon. I just found it too unrealistic for me to get my head into which is a shame because its not a bad book.