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A Hunger Like No Other - Kresley Cole Lachlain MacRieve, leader of the Lykae Clan has been tortured for years by the Vampire Horde while enduring his torture he smells his predestined mate after waiting a millennia for her. Lachlain manages to escape only to find his mate Emmaline, is a vampire.
Emmaline is half Valkyrie and half Vampire, she’s been sheltered by her Valkyrie aunts all of her life but decides to try and find the truth about her deceased Mother and who her Father might be by going to Paris where they met. Instead Emmaline is forced to help Lachlain return to his home in Scotland, where Lachlain plans to keep her.
Somehow the Vampire Horde has found out about Emmaline and plan to make her there Queen.

I really love, love, love this book! I loved Emmaline I thought she was an amazing heroine and I loved the part with Nix when she leaves Emma a note saying ‘Emma who? Emma who? Emma Who?’ Because Emma has yet to become the person she needs to be. And that’s what A Hunger Like No Other is about and Emma really wouldn’t become who she needs to be without Lachlain being the ‘bad guy’ so to speak. I really loved Lachlain, he’d spent his entire life searching for his mate but never finding her and fighting the Vampire Horde, only to be taken and tortured for 100 plus years. Finally he smells her and in breaking free losses part of his leg, but then he losses her smell and can’t find her. Several days later he finds Emma and you then see how damaged Lachlain has become due to his torture.

The rest of the story is about Emma and Lachlain making there way from Paris to Scotland and dealing with each other. Lachlain tells Emma that she is not his mate and that he just needs her to get to his home in Scotland. Sadly, because Emma can’t lie she tends to believe the best of people and goes along with Lachlain to his home. I thought this was an amazing book, it’s so well written and it’s extremely humorous in places. I loved the growing relationship with Emma and Lachlain and how Emma deals with Lachlain’s anger and violence towards her as a Vampire and how he seems to unleash his anger on his surroundings.

This is a must read book to me and you should read the rest of the series too!