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Straight from the Hip - Susan Mallery I'd really give this book 4.5 stars! But sadly Goodreads don't do half rating's so I've gone for 4 stars.

I really fell in love with Izzy in this book. In the previous two books I felt she was a very spoilt younger sibling who was used to getting her own way and felt that she needed to do some much growning up and she really did that in Straight from the Hip.

I really felt for Izzy when she lost her sight and could only see blurry images and how she overcame her fears and tried to live her life.
I also loved her growing relationship with Nick, and how he didn't understand the relationship with the Titan sisters and Garth and when he found out he tried not to choose between his best friend and the woman he'd fallen in love with.

But of course it wouldn't be a good romance stroy without a bit of drama and when Izzy finds out from Garth that Nick was involved she leaves him and Nick struggling with demons from his past lets her but falls out with Garth.

Oh and the ending was really lovely, where Izzy decides that Garth needs to be part of the sisters family and she was going to make it happen!

I really loved this story, I thought it was amazingly well written and am looking forward to reading the next book in this series Hot On Her Heels.