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Hot on Her Heels - Susan Mallery I really give Hot On Her Heels 4.5 stars!

I was really pleased that Hot On Her Heels was Dana's and Garths book and that they became a couple!

I loved that Izzy and her sisters finally got to Garth and that he became a member of the Titan family! I also liked that Jed finally got what he deserved.

I enjoyed seeing Garth as more than just a bad guy out for revenge on a family that never knew about him and a father that wouldn't help him and his mother. I liked seeing that he cared about his sister's even though he caused them pain, I think my favourite scene was Skye going to Garth and asking for the money she spent fighting him to put back towards her charity she ran. I also liked that Nick and Garth made up!

I really liked Dana throughout the previous books, she was like a honorary Titan sister and it was great to see she got her own happy ending. She was a tough no-nonsense type of woman and didn't stand for anyone hurting the people she loved and I really liked her. She was such a well written character.

I really loved this book and won't give anymore away because I think you really should read it!