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Storm of Visions - Christina Dodd It’s time for the new Chosen Ones to take their rightful place within the Gypsy Travel Agency but now the battle they thought they wouldn’t have to face is at their doorstep. Jacqueline has been running from her gift for the past two years but now Caleb D’Angelo is determined to be back in her life and help her take her place as one of the Chosen Ones and be at her side during the fight.

I thought the prologue to this book was awesome! That when the world was young, twins were born by a vein and fickle woman, the woman thought the children were too ugly and decided to discard them, she threw the boy into the forest and tossed the girl into a running stream and turned her back on both children in doing so the children died and came back to life changed, gifted and these children were the first Abandoned Ones.

The boy brought light to a dark world and the girl brought darkness and danger. They gathered other Abandoned Ones around them, men and women destined to use their gifts for good or evil. Through the ages and eons the battle was joined between the Chosen Ones and the Others. Today, their descendents walk the earth as the Chosen Ones and the ultimate battle is about to begin.

I didn’t like the first few chapters and how the actual story for Storm of Visions started so for that reason I only gave Storm of Visions 4 stars but as the book went on the more I fell in love with the plot and the characters.

The opening of the book is two years after Caleb and Jacqueline first got together and Caleb comes back into Jacqueline’s life, only we don’t know that they know each other and it’s made to seem that they are two strangers and Jacqueline is running for a man like this in her past and that he’s out to rape her which is why I don’t like the start of this book. But it is swiftly revealed that these two know each other and have a past which has made Jacqueline bitter and angry towards Caleb.

After the first few chapters we’re introduced to the rest of the new chosen ones and see how they meet for the first time. I thought it was a lovely mix of characters with Samuel (mind control), Aaron (invisibility? something to do with being a thief), Isabelle (physical empath), Tyler (psychic), Charisma (stones/crystals) and Aleksandr (Aleksandr is the son of Firebird and Douglas from Into The Flame). Aleksandr is the only one from the group who doesn’t have any special abilities.

I was kept in suspense who the Other baddie was that was an insider of the Chosen Ones I was pleasantly surprised who the Other baddie was and really never thought it could have been that person but I’m glad because it adds a twist to the overall story and makes room for a new character.

I think this is a great story once it gets going and that you need to hang in there at the beginning because it is a bit slow. When I first bought this book I thought that it was only two books but am so excited because there are another two books out this year Chains of Ice which is out 6th July (soon!) and Chains of Fire which is out 7th September. I’m especially looking forward to Chains of Fire as it’s about Isabelle and Samuel and I’m so interested in finding out more about their relationship. Also I really like Charisma, I’m already so fond of her I can’t wait to see what happens to her in the rest of the series! And for her to get her own book!