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The Search - Nora Roberts This book was a hit right from the start for me. After reading the blurb before I knew I was going to enjoy reading Nora Roberts newest romantic suspense and I was right.

The beginning of the story really pulled on my heart strings and set up a beautiful start to a totally wonderful story.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about all the dogs in The Search and there owners, but especially loved reading about Jaws if you’ve ever had a boisterous puppy determined to get into everything you’ll love Jaws too. It was lovely to read about how Simon reacted and handled Jaws and to see the bond between man and dog grew and became something more. I found it the best part of the story for me.

It took a while for me to warm up to the hero Simon, but eventually I did and I thought he was such a fantastic, well written character. I really loved how blunt and truthful he could be, it made me like him even more. But I loved Fiona, I thought she was amazing! I enjoyed seeing how she lived and how strong and determined she could be at times. How she’d managed to go on after so many tragedy's in her life and still survive.
I thought the relationship between Fiona and Simon was a bit slow going at times but it made sense with the storyline and how Fiona coped with her past tragedies, and how she knew Simon wasn’t someone she would have normally got involved with, but the chemistry and that added extra something was there for their relationship to work.

I found it interesting how Ms Roberts wrote ‘the bad guy’ and how you could see him rebel against his ‘teacher’ and wonder how far he was going to go and if he’s finally snap. And boy did he.

This was a lovely read and extremely well written, which is what you can always expect from a Nora Roberts book. If you’ve never read a Nora Roberts book you really should and this is a great book to start with.