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Shelter Mountain - Robyn Carr This is a really sweet, heart warming story. Shelter Mountain really pulls at your heartstrings. I think Shelter Mountain is one of my favourite type of books. Where you get to see the heroine grow as the story progresses and how she over comes the bad things in her past and becomes the best woman she can be.
Paige is on the run with her three year old son Chris from an abusive husband who has just beaten her for the last time. She’s trying to get to a friend to hide and restart her life but ends up in Virgin River instead. When she wanders into Jack’s bar on a cold and stormy night, with a face covered in bruises John "Preacher" Middleton who’s Jack’s cook is left to close the bar and feels instantly protective of Paige and her son and offers them a room for the night and a safe place to stay.
John who comes across in Virgin River as a bit distant is anything but in Shelter Mountain. John is such a sweetheart, right from the start of the book all he wants to do is protect Paige and her son and make sure they're safe and taken care of. The way John and Paige’s son Chris bond really well from the start and its so sweet to see.
Paige is a wonderful character, she starts off as an abused and scared woman and as she slowly starts to trust John and the residents of Virgin River she really blooms and becomes of of the town.

I enjoyed the extras in Shelter Mountain, you get to see more of Jack and Mel and how they’re doing as a married couple. There’s a new development for Mike, who’s one of Jack and John’s marine buddies and a few others things.

This is a wonderful story and it's beautifully written. I would highly recommend this series!