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Whispering Rock - Robyn Carr Whispering Rock starts off after Jack's youngest sister, Brie is brutally attacked and raped after she failed to win a court case against a serial rapist who then comes after her. She’s traumatised by the event and still dealing with the emotional blow her husband dealt her buy telling her he’s been cheating on her for the past year with her best friend. Mike Valenzuela, one of Jack’s marine buddies was shot in LA and has come to Virgin River to recover from his injuries as his family mean well but are driving him insane. After Mike recovers from his injuries he’s decided that living in Virgin River is for him. So he buys an RV and lives behind Jack’s bar. Mike is devastated to find out Brie has been attacked, not only is she Jack’s baby sister but one of Mikes friends and he plans to be there for her if there’s anything he can do for her while she recovers.

Another amazing read from Robyn Carr. I absolutely loved that Mike kept talking to Brie in Spanish and she understood ever word but pretended she didn’t. It was one of my favourite parts of this heart warming story! I loved how determined Brie was, even in the previous book Brie stayed the same person after her attack and was sure she’d catch the guy who hurt her. Mike was such a lovely, sweet guy through the entire book getting Brie out of her father’s house after the attack for lunch dates and when she baby sat for Jack and Mel and Mike curled up with her in bed! It’s such a lovely amazing story! A total must read.