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Paradise Valley - Robyn Carr I was really looking forward to this book especially since I thought it was mainly going to be about Rick and his long time girl Liz but nope, sorry to disappoint you it's a mixture of couples throughout the whole story. Paradise Valley is about Walt and Muriel, Rick and Liz, Cameron and Abby and Dan and Cheryl. None of these are new romances they're all romances that have started in previous books through the series.

Walt and Muriel - I thought this was a really sweet part of the book, how a couple older in life have managed to eventually find 'the one'. Muriel has already been married 5 times and never thought of really getting involved again and Walt lost his wife quite a few years ago. Walt made it hard for Muriel to resist him which I found really lovely. But the sex scenes for this couple were a bit too much for me, it's like reading about your parents having sex. Yes, it may be juvenile but that's how I feel.

Cameron and Abby - Cameron and Abby's story started in Second Chance Pass that I didn't read but I didn't feel I missed out because most of what happened is recapped in Paradise Valley. I really felt for both Cam and Abby. Cam was totally hooked on Abby after just one night and she blows him off, then he finds out she's pregnant and wasn't planning on telling him and Abby is dealing with the divorce from her husband and paying off this credit cards, which is just plain awful when they were only together for a few months before they spilt. I loved how Cam eventually won Abby over and they became a family! It was this past of the book what made it worth reading.

Rick and Liz - This was my least favourite story within the book, which is ironic as it was the main reason I couldn't wait to read Paradise Valley. You had to go through the whole book to eventually get to Rick and Liz's HEA and by then I wasn't totally sure if Rick deserved his happily ever after with Liz after the way he behaved and how he treated Liz the whole way through the book. I am glad however that Dan managed to sort him out and that Rick finally got his head back on straight. I really didn't like the way Rick and Jack interacted through most of the book and was really glad when they made up.

Dan and Cheryl - I thought these two were such a bad idea when I first released they were going to become an item but I can happily say I was wrong! Dan was not only so sweet to Cheryl, he was supportive and understanding of what she'd been through and what she was doing now. I liked Dan right from the start when he appeared in the first book Virgin River and kidnapped Mel into helping him with a pregnant woman and I continued to like him popping in through the series. I liked how they had to both work hard to get on with their lives and get clean.

This was a great book that tied up all the loose ends!