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Forbidden Falls - Robyn Carr I've not read book #8 as it's part of an anthology and it also wasn't available on Books on Board and I haven't tried to buy it anywhere else yet.

I really liked Forbidden Falls. I loved Noah! I thought he was a really great hero. It was also amusing to see someone buy an old church on ebay! Because you really can buy some weird and awesome things on there. Noah Kincaid is a 35 year old Presbyterian minister, he's decided to take on the old church and sets out to to make it something. But Noah can't do it alone, he needs to hire a "pastor's assistant" someone who can not only handle the future secretarial work, but someone who can also help him with the old church. But Noah never expects to hire a young, beautiful, ex-erotic dancer who's a single mother fighting to regain custody of her two children, but that's what he gets when he hires Ellie Baldwin.

Ellie Baldwin is a spirited, funny, glass-half-full heroine who maintains an affectionate, generous, positive, and upbeat attitude, despite having a painful past and a hard life filled with bitter disappointments.

Throughout the whole story Noah is a really solid and great guy, he's determined to stand by Ellie no matter what happens or what people will think of there relationship. I’ll be honest and admit that I wasn’t too keen on a story with a minister for a romantic hero. I was worried that Ms Carr might lean too heavily on the religious element, I’m happy to say that Ms Carr did a great job with this sweet, touching, romantic tale.

Jo Ellen and Nick Finch had cameos in previous books but they, particularly Jo, had a big role in Ellie's life. Which I particularly enjoyed, as you see a new side to Jo and how she has such an impact on Ellie.

Paul and Vanni took up a small part of the book. They have a big turn of events happen in their lives and once again it seems like the fates were testing them. I have to be honest, I had a hard time with Vanni in the beginning of this story but the ending with how everything turned out nearly brought tears to my eyes.

The reason I've come to love Ms Carr's Virgin River series is that she writes her books about people who develop a deep bond of friendship that turns to passion, and of course, leads to love.

Favourite Quote: Ellie to Noah “girls tease the boys they like.”