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Moonlight Road (Virgin River) - Robyn Carr This really was my least favourite Virgin River book! I found the storyline too slow and just a little bit dull. I really struggled to keep reading this and not to skim read or skip pages. Also Erin really, really annoys me! She did when she first appeared in A Virgin River Christmas I liked that Aiden managed to loosen her up some but it wasn't enough.

I loved the ending of Moonlight Road and not because I could out the book down, but because Erin finally got a bit of an edge and also she realised how wrong she'd been about Aiden and that she should have trusted him from the start!

And also, Mel? Erm... What happened? I felt like I missed something, she seriously just turned into a crazy lady overnight. Or that's how it seemed. She was desperate to have another baby and I really felt for Jack. It really turned me off Mel I thought she was a stealer character until this book.

I am however looking forward to the next three books Ms Carr will have out in the beginning of 2011.