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Storm of Shadows - Christina Dodd Storm of Shadows takes place five days after Storm of Visions ended, it's a slow start to Storm of Shadows but slowly and surely the storyline does picks up.

Aaron Eagle has gone to speak to Dr Hill about prophies for the Chosen Ones but gets more than he bargains for as the previous Dr Hill has died and his daughter Rosamund has taken over from him. Aaron isn't the only Abandoned One to seek out Rosamund, the Others have beaten him to it. Now Aaron has to use his charm and skill to distract Rosamund from the Other she's going to date.

I liked Storm of Shadows, not nearly as much as Storm of Visions but it was still good enough for me. As I stated above, it did get off to a slow start but it was worth hanging in there and by the end I really did like the book. I really liked Rosamund and enjoyed seeing her character blossom with Aaron and how geeky she could be at times.

Favourite Quote: "I do care about real life. It's just not as interesting as what's in my books."

My dislikes for Storm of Shadows, there aren't many to be fair and they haven't got anything to do with the overall story but:-

- There wasn't alot of action in this book compared to Storm of Visions and I felt that although there was a lot of moving and going places, it still felt it took a while for the story to really unfold.

- Samuel and Isabelle are really annoying me, everyone knows something happened in their past. I'm just trying to wait patiently for there story which is book 4, which seems ages away because its not due out til September.

- Samuel, himself. He constantly seems to be so, angry and annoying. He doesn't seem supportive in the group and only seems to add to the tension and problems. I can't figure out if this is due to his past, his past with Isabelle or that's just the way he is and Ms Dodd has written him.

I enjoyed reading Storm of Shadows and I'm really looking forward to reading Chains of Ice.